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Independent Solutions...Your Aging in Place Specialist.  

Aging in place does not mean just living in your home as you grow older.  It means adapting a home to your changing health, lifestyle, and abilities.  Many changes are simple and are very low cost.  The challenges need to be clearly identified, especially to reduce the incidence of trips, falls, and other costly injuries. Our goal is to promote independence by helping you age in place safely.  Independent Solutions will provide you with information to help make educated decisions about grower older in your own home.

Our Goal is Simple...To Help You Stay in Your Own Home as Safely as You Age!

Are You Ready to Age in Place?
How Safe is Your Home?
One of the best ways to determine if you are ready to age in place is to have an assessment of your living environment completed.  Independent Solutions provides a detailed review of both the inside and outside or your home.  The goal of the home assessment is to identify areas of concern and modifications for consideration. The home assessment is the very framework that establishes a safe, secure home environment that allows you to remain in your residence that will fit your health, lifestyle, and abilities.

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