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What If My Financial Resources Are Almost Depleted? 

Assisted Living Waiver Program


This Medicaid program covers care in an assisted living facility for eligible individuals who use their resources for other living expenses.

Assisted living combines a home-like setting with personal support services to provide more intensive care than is available through home care services. Assisted living facilities provide older adults with an alternative to nursing facility care that is both less expensive and less restrictive.

Assisted living residences vary considerably, but most provide meals, housekeeping, laundry, transportation, and social activities. They also offer personal care, such as assistance with eating, bathing, grooming and personal hygiene. Some nursing care is also provided, including medication administration and dressing changes.


Costs for assisted living generally range from $3,500 to $6,000 per month and vary depending on the size of living area an older adult chooses, area of the state and the amount of care needed.

Ohio's Assisted Living Waiver Program pays the costs of care in an assisted living facility for certain people with Medicaid, allowing the consumer to use his or her resources to cover "room and board" expenses.  Individuals who meet certain service and care needs and meet established financial criteria may be eligible for Ohio's Assisted Living Waiver Program.

Note:  Many communities do not offer Medicaid Waiver's to their residents.  And, most communities only have certain number of Medicaid Waiver certified apartments available


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